Women prisoners

A group of women arrested in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran for being opposed to the Iranian revolution, February 1982. On the third anniversary of the advent of the Islamic republic, journalists were shown oppositional prisoners at Evin prison who were said to have “repented”. A thousand men and women were thus exhibited at the time of prayer in the prison mosque. They were obliged to sing religious or revolutionary songs. A political prison of sinister reputation, Evin became the symbol of all other prisons of the Khomeini regime. Thousands of people, oppositionists or suspected oppositionists, were tortured or executed without the least form of due process. During this demonstration to the press in 1982, in speeches, it was no longer a question of prison but of “university” or “hospital” and of “re-education” destined to show the “right path” to these “sick people”.

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